Saturday, March 19, 2011

Canvas Signage

My Once upon a Springtime Album had such overwhelming response that I decided that I to lay off album making for a while ... LOL! So, for my April project I thought about making something special. Something that we could display at home. Something that would even make a lovely gift & what's most appropriate than a signage that we can put at home or in the office? You can fill in whatever you want on the signage. Your name, rooms in your home, "Notes" etc. Well, I guess you could say that the possibility is pretty endless. =D So here's my April project:

In this class I'll teach u guys about dyeing. Dyeing the ribbons & pearl strings. Very fun & cool!

I simply love the colours - Turquoise & Fuchsia. Yummy!

Close-up of the Time Holtz - Word key & transparency dragonflies

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