Monday, May 23, 2011

Holiday Blues

I just came back from a long 1 week Hongkong trip with my darling hubby & daughter. However, I fell terribly ill when I was there. The weather was hot but the aircon in the malls were extremely cold. Hubby even commented "I think electricity is free in HK" LOL! Was down with high fever & a v v bad throat towards the last 3 days (~_~*) My body feels like it's trapped in an old lady's body & aches perpetually.  For those who know me well, I hate seeing the doc but voluntarily saw 1 on sunday. The doc gave me 3 days of MC. 3 days!!!! I never received so many days of mc before. LOL! I'm still running a high fever & have officially lost my voice & taste. I'm hungry but have zero appetite to eat. The bottom line is I feel horribly lousy.... =(  There are so many things that I need to do but with my current state, I don't know when will I actually recover....  ARGH! I hate getting sick.... It's no fun at all.... Will need to c the doc for a review this wed. Despite of all these horrendous feeling, I'm thankful for my hubby who cooked barley water (1st time in his entire life) for me last nite & early this morning before he heads off for work. So sweet, right? My beloved Chloe who hugged me constantly & even prayed that I'll get well soon! Luff ya guys so much! *MUCK*

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