Sunday, March 4, 2012

Still surviving.... & my new found love

For those of you who think ..... "Wat happened to Shirin????" Well, don't worry, I'm just very busy & haven't had much time to blog. Other than work, there's my darling daughter who started Primary 1 this year. Thank God for my wonderful hubby who takes care of her when I'm at work & that's most of the time. =D

I still scrap & create classes every month. ;) My latest craze is Magnolia Stamps. To honest, when I 1st saw it, I didn't like it mainly because it doesn't have a mouth but they really grow on you. The more I look at them, the cuter they get. Now? I just can't get enough of them. hahaha.... Magnolia stamps also have papers, dies & magazine. Magnolia Ink magazine is simply inspiring with lots of beautiful works from v talented peeps & excellent tutorials. Btw, we do carry most of their products in our shop ... *wink* *wink*

The latest stamp collection: Princes & Princesses

The latest magazine: Between Cherryblossoms & Lilacs

The latest DooHickey's dies are still not out but this is 1 of my fav collection: Butterfly Dreams

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